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Welcome to your daily dose of NYT Connections hints and solutions! If you're a fan of this engrossing word association game, you know that some puzzles can be trickier than others. That's where our site comes in handy! We provide tailored hints to nudge you in the right direction, ensuring you enjoy the thrill of solving the puzzle on your own. And for those days when the puzzle seems insurmountable, we've got the full answers for each category, neatly organized and color-coded for your convenience. Whether you're a puzzle novice or a seasoned pro, our hints and solutions are designed to enhance your NYT Connections experience, helping you maintain your winning streak while sharpening your word association skills!

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How to use Connections Hints


Quick Hints: If you're looking for a subtle nudge, tap the flashcard labeled SEE HINT. This reveals a brief clue to help you identify the category title. Clues are color-coded (Yellow to Purple) indicating the difficulty level, from easy to most difficult.


To See The Groups: For direct category titles, tap the flashcard marked SEE GROUP. This action displays the name of each category, useful when you're uncertain about a specific group.


To Find All The Answers: If you're completely stuck, access the full solutions by tapping SEE WORD. This shows which of the 16 words belong in each group, with color-coding indicating the relative difficulty of each group as per The New York Times' standards.

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FAQs for NYT Connections Hints and Solutions

What is NYT Connections?

NYT Connections is a daily word association game by The New York Times where players categorize 16 words into four groups based on a common thread.

How can this website help me with NYT Connections?

Our website provides daily hints, group titles, and full solutions for each NYT Connections puzzle, aiding players who are stuck or seeking to enhance their gameplay.

Are the hints updated daily?

Yes, our hints and solutions are updated daily to match the latest NYT Connections puzzle.

Do I need to pay for accessing the hints and solutions?

No, our hints and solutions are available for free to all users.

Can I get hints without seeing the full answers?

Absolutely! You can choose to see just a hint for each category without revealing the full answers.

How accurate are the solutions provided?

Our solutions are carefully compiled and verified to ensure accuracy with each day's NYT Connections puzzle.

Is there a way to see previous puzzle solutions?

Yes, we maintain an archive of past puzzles and their solutions for reference.

Can I share these hints and solutions with others?

Yes, feel free to share our hints and solutions, but we encourage mentioning our website as the source.

How do I use the color-coded system on the website?

The color codes represent the difficulty level of each category, ranging from easy (yellow) to most difficult (purple).

Where can I give feedback or suggestions about the website?

We welcome your feedback! Please use the contact form on our website to share your thoughts and suggestions.

Connections Hints

Discover the joy of solving NYT Connections puzzles with ease using our comprehensive hints and solutions guide! Whether you're a beginner looking to get a grasp of the game or a seasoned player aiming to maintain an unbroken streak, our website is your go-to resource for daily assistance. We offer a user-friendly interface with color-coded hints and solutions, ensuring an enjoyable and hassle-free puzzle-solving experience. Our commitment is to enhance your gameplay while preserving the fun of discovery. Join our community of NYT Connections enthusiasts and transform your puzzle-solving journey today!